Ready for Your Alaska Fishing Trip?


Guest Prep

By Waterfall Resort, Posted 5/30/2023

On June 12, our first guests arrive for the 2023 sportfishing season at Waterfall Resort Alaska.    Guides and crew are already arriving and preparing for the first half day of the season.

Here’s a list of things to help you prepare as a guest:

  • FIRST and foremost, be sure to complete your Registration now so we have all the information needed to assure we’re ready for you the moment you arrive at Ketchikan airport.
  • Have you entered the King of King Salmon Tournament? It would be a shame to come in with the largest Chinook and not be recognized or entered into the season-end drawing for the Ford F-150 truck! Plus there are cash awards and return trips.
  • Be sure to read the article about mooching to be prepared on technique especially if you’re a novice in Alaska. As an expert, you’ll want to review it, too, because it’s quite different than setting a hook for conventional fishing. 
  • Have you purchased your Halibut Tag yet? We still have some available, so call us right away to get yours allowing you to keep one additional halibut per tag of any size including on Mondays from July 24 to end-of-season which will be restricted for those without Halibut Tags.
  • The weather in Ketchikan is already warming to our normal daytime temperatures. It will be in the mid-60s with evening rains so check our packing suggestions.  Use a carry-on and leave checked luggage at home.  You’ll want to save checked luggage for your box of fish going home, not clothes. 
  • Be ready for the midnight sun and bring a camera. Those sunsets can be spectacular, and believe it or not, you won’t have trouble staying up to see them. There’s something about the fresh, clean air and surrounding beauty that will fuel you. Be sure to enter our annual Guest Photo Contest, too.
  • Before you leave home, read our guest travel information page. It gives you helpful tips, so you know what to expect in advance of arriving and what to do upon arrival.
  • To see your specific accommodations in advance, take a virtual tour
  • Be absolutely certain to subscribe for SMS texting. We’ll send you updates on the daily King of the Day (KOD) winners, preparation info, and both day of arrival and departure 
  • Get everyone in your party to sign-up for our newsletter to get our news and promos all year around.

When you’ve completed all of the above, you’ll be ready to forget everything else and relax into the beauty of Alaska and the fun of ocean fishing.  We look forward to sharing it all with you!

Let’s Go Fishing!