Ever dreamed of landing a tournament-winning Alaska king salmon? Make it happen at Waterfall Resort, where the King of Kings Salmon Tournament is a highlight of the fishing season. Go for “King of the Day” or “King of Kings.” Prizes are awarded for the king catch of the day, the week, the month, and the season, and include tournament caps, fishing gear, return trips to Waterfall Resort, and cash prizes. Pictured above, entrant Dave Wood, who took second place in 2017 with his 46.6-pounder.

This annual contest is available only to Waterfall Resort guests, and we’re happy to include your tournament ticket when you make your reservations. Tickets are $95 per entrant; to participate, contact us at 800-544-5125.

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2022 King of the Day Leaderboard

Place Date Name Pounds Hometown



Kaz Kanemura


Elk Grove, CA



Ara Goll


Henderson, NV



Nelson Wheeler


Scottsdale, AZ



Lloyd Bolton


Featherville, ID



Tom Williams


Riverhead, NY



Valerie Holloway


Ripon, CA



Richard DeFrank


Huntington Beach, CA



Dave Wood


Waterford, CA



Kyle Dylewski


Costa Mesa, CA



Haley Bolen


Newport Beach, CA

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Grand Prize

All King of the Day winners qualify for the Grand Prize Ford F-150 Truck

King of Kings

The largest king salmon of the season lands the angler a cash prize of $10,000.

Silver of the Month

Catch the largest silver salmon for the month of June, July, or August and win a cash prize of $2,500.

King of the Week

The largest king salmon caught each week wins the angler a three-night fishing trip for one person at Waterfall Resort in 2021.

King of the Day

Land the largest king salmon of the day and win a King of the Day hat, awarded at dinner that evening. Every time you win this prize, you also earn an entry for the Grand Prize drawing.

Prize list provided as an example only; prizes subject to change.


2021 Top 10 King of the Day Winners

Place Date Name Pounds Hometown
1st 19-Jul Jeff Walker 50.2 Cardiff by the Sea, CA
2nd 13-Jul Mark Hallam  46 Prospect, KY
3rd 21-Jul Connor McShane  44.2 Commerce, MI
4th 22-Jul Nick Simons  42 Reno, NV
5th 17-Jul Dane Lucas 41.4 Seattle, WA
6th 2-Jul Jerzy Poprawa 41.3 Scottsdale, AZ
7th 24-Jul Jud Heflin 39.3 Colleyville, TX
8th 3-Jul Eric Driggers 38.3 Bainbridge Island, WA
9th 8-Jul Kaelan Brennan 37.4 Albuquerque, NM
10th 27-Jul Scott Karpinen 37 Granite Bay, CA

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2020 Top 10 King of the Day Winners

Place Date Name Pounds Hometown
1st 7/28  Jerzy Porawa 46.4 Scottsdale, AZ
2nd 8/02  Jason Perkins 45.6 Irvine, CA
3rd 8/06 Larry Shurtliff 45.1 Gunlock, UT
4th 7/24  Mark Burch 42.2 Lincoln, NE
5th 7/18  Bob Britt Sr. 42.1 Vancouver, WA
6th 7/21  John Solis 40.6 Signal Hill, CA
7th 7/27  Bryce Faliskie 39.9 Denver, CO
8th 8/04  John Morgan 39.4 Mazama, WA
9th 7/13  Jim Daniel 39.2 Foothill Ranch, CA
10th 7/24  Brent Mournahan 39.1 Ooltewah, TN

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2019 Top 10 King of the Day Winners

Place Date Name Pounds Hometown
1st 7/31  Ethan Berto 58.2 Ketchikan, AK
2nd 8/16  Sunjit Joshi 48.2 Glen Cove, NY
3rd 7/02  Fred Goll 46.7 Henderson, NV
4th 7/21  Keith Costanzo 46.4 Valencia, CA
5th 7/20  Bill Buckner 45.2 Costa Mesa, CA
6th 6/30  Jackson Risher 43.3 Huntington Beach, CA
7th 7/13  Brian Bothman 42.5 Santa Clara, CA
8th 7/08  Tim Zimmer 42.0 Port Angeles, WA
9th 7/17  John Lazovich 41.0 Reno, NV
10th 7/11  Ryo Ishizuka 40.5 Mercer Island, WA

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2018 Top 10 King of the Day Winners

Place Date Name Pounds Hometown
1st 7/16 Tony Perkins
48.2 Kirkland, WA
2nd 8/03 Andre Burchette
47.8 Phoenix, AZ
3rd 7/13 Ronda Ritchie
45.9 Smith River, CA
4th 6/25 Jeremiah Newens
41.5 Martinez, CA
5th 8/18 Joe Quigley
40.4 Maitland, FL
6th 7/25 Steve Teskey
40.0 San Juan Capistrano, CA
7th 7/20 Evan Gibson
39.5 Santa Ana, CA
8th 6/28 Mike Vestal
37.6 Dublin, GA
9th 8/09 Dave Huffman
37.2 Mercer Island, WA
10th 7/14 Dan Wilson
37.1 Fargo, ND

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2017 Top 10 King of the Day Winners

Place Date Name Pounds Hometown
1st 7/20 Bob Dahlstrom 53.5 Sherman Oaks, CA
2nd 7/14 Dave Wood 46.6 Waterford, CA
3rd 7/28 Jason McLaren
46.4 Aurora, CO
4th 7/31 Brent Smith
45.2 Pasadena, CA
5th 7/24 Kevin Schmok
44.1 Katy, TX
6th 6/28 Dave Leclair
43.0 Anchorage, AK
7th 6/08 Mary Judson
41.4 Fairbanks, AK
8th 7/23 Dennis Noggle
40.0 Simsonville, SC
9th 7/15 Dick Braden
39.4 Hughson, CA
10th 7/11 Greg Oakman
37.9 Sydney, AUS
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2016 Top 10 King of the Day Winners

Place Date Name Pounds Hometown
1st 7/30 Jennifer Porter
50.6 San Francisco, CA
2nd 7/22 Fritz Westerhout 50.0 Newport Beach, CA
3rd 7/24 Mark Wheeler 49.2 Encinitas, CA
4th 6/12 Peter Forman 49.0 Boca Raton, FL
5th 7/18 Julie Rielly 48.7 Newport Coast, CA
6th 8/13 Elizabeth Dinsmore
47.8 Danville, CA
7th 7/27 Blake Hickey
47.5 Paradise Valley, AZ
8th 7/12 John Lazovich
47.3 Reno, NV
9th 8/02 Daniel Robbins
46.5 Paradise, CA
10th 7/27 Jason Niemela
46.2 Santa Barbara, CA
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2015 Top 10 King of the Day Winners

Place Date Name Pounds Hometown
1st 6/26 Ken Bridges
53.7 Huntington Beach, CA
2nd 7/26 Marty Meador
52.6 Encinitas, CA
3rd 7/19 Brian Martin
50.9 Keizer, OR
4th 7/10 Greg Shaw
50.3 Thousand Oaks, CA
5th 7/27 Shawn Koehler
50.2 Paso Robles, CA
6th 8/05 Dick Arnoldy
49.7 St. Louis, MO
7th 7/28 Michael Martin
48.9 Alamogordo, NM
8th 7/13 Hunter Schlander
48.3 Modesto, CA
9th 6/25 Travis Roffler
48.2 Matthew, NC
10th 7/22 Michael Moran
47.5 Mead, WA
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