2021 King of Kings Fishing Tournament


2021 King of Kings Fishing Tournament

Posted 5/24/2021

The new season is on the horizon with all the excitement and anticipation for landing some beautiful king salmon.  Our King of Kings Salmon Tournament is a highlight of the fishing season and one of the largest sport fishing tournaments in Alaska.

In addition to daily recognition for the angler, who has entered the Tournament, bringing in the largest king salmon, there are weekly, monthly and the final season awards, not to mention the season-end drawing in which all daily-winners are placed.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the past largest-of-the-season winners:

Of course, these winners won King of the Month adding a 3-night return trip to the $10,000 cash prize they received. You can see some of their stories in the links above.

In addition to the largest overall, there have been prizes in other categories that win return trips and/or Cabelas Gift Certificates including King of the Week, First Time Guest and Youth (under 18).  Everyone gets placed in the season-end drawing with the lucky winner receiving a brand new Ford F150 truck or, last year, $10,000.

Can you imagine not entering the tournament only to discover that you actually landed the largest for the season?!  It has happened!  That means no award but, of course, you get bragging rights, and lots of delicious salmon to take home.  That’s the award that all our guests enjoy.

If you prefer Silver Salmon, you’re not left out.  Each year we give $2500 to the Silver of the Month, too. 

For our halibut lovers, although we do not award prizes, you certainly get a thrill and recognition for pulling in those 200 to 500 lb giants!  And then there’s lingcod, not part of the tournament either, but so much fun showing off those toothy smiles – the fish’s not yours.

Each of these winners have their own big-fish stories, this time true and documented.  Plus, when a king is landed over 50 pounds, it’s tradition to bring out the Crown Royal and for the Guide to take a dip in the cold waters of the harbor.  Brrrr.. but maybe that Crown Royal helps keep ‘em warm?

Are you ready to join the fun?  Just sign up when you register for the King of Kings Salmon Tournament, and watch the leaderboard and social media (Facebook, Instagram @waterfallreortalaska and Twitter @FishingResort) for daily winners.  Our Facebook posts will announce when you can sign up for automated Facebook Messenger daily notifications.

Let’s Go Fishing!