Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fish limits at Waterfall Resort?

  • Check out our Fish Chart & Limits page. Fish limits are determined by the State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the International Pacific Halibut Commission. The fishing spots around our lodge are legendary for salmon, halibut, lingcod, and more than 20 species of rockfish, so when anglers limit out on one type they continue fishing for others.

Where is Waterfall Resort Located?

What fishing techniques do you use?

  • Waterfall Resort guides are U.S. Coast Guard licensed and trained in top techniques for Alaska sport fishing. Guests tend to favor mooching with a four-ounce banana sinker, dragging a medium-size cut-plug herring and working the entire water column. Your guide will advise on variables like wind, sun, depth, and water current.

What's it like fishing at Waterfall Resort?

What is an average day like?

Should I bring my own fishing gear?

  • The resort provide boots, all-weather gear, and all needed bait and tackle, from Berkley and G. Loomis rods to Shimano reels, Maxima fishing line, and Eagle Claw hooks. We fish four guests to a boat, and our 27 North River cabin cruisers are outfitted with the latest in navigation, communications, and fish-finding technology.

What are the accommodations?


Do I need an Alaska fishing license?

  • Yes, the State of Alaska requires all anglers age 16 and up to carry a valid Alaska fishing license. And if you plan to fish for king salmon, you’ll need a current King Salmon Stamp. We process your application for both documents on behalf of the State via our online Guest Registration form. You may also purchase a license and stamp upon check-in at the resort.

What if we don't catch fish?

How do I get my catch home?

  • Guests on the same boat generally pool their catch. Our guides advise on fish cuts (steaks or fillets) and our processing crew trims your fish to order, then vacuum-seals, flash-freezes, and packs it in a wet-lock box that—thanks to our on-site Alaska Airlines service—flies home with you as checked luggage.

Should I be concerned about seasickness?

  • We advise guests prone to seasickness to consult with your doctor about preventative medications prior to their trip. On property, we carry only over-the-counter treatments. We take guests to some of the best saltwater fishing spots in Southeast Alaska, which tend to be sheltered waters close to the shoreline. If at any time a guest feels conditions are not to their liking, however, our guides are happy to move the boat.

What’s the weather like?

  • Check out our Map and Weather page. Waterfall Resort is an outdoor wilderness environment in Southeast Alaska. Weather patterns can move quickly. Expect pleasant summer temperatures around 50 to 70 degrees F, with intermittent showers and long hours of sunlight. Happily, Prince of Wales Island’s climate rarely draws any mosquitoes.

What clothes should I pack?

  • Check out our Packing List. We provide you with all-weather gear: Helly Hansen bib overalls and hooded jackets, and XtraTuf neoprene boots to help keep you warm and dry on the water. Onshore, dress is casual. Go with shirts and tees suited to layering, plus a hooded sweatshirt or jacket, comfortable walking shoes (no leather soles, as they get slippery), a hat, and jeans. Above all, don’t overpack. We suggest you stick to no more than one carry-on and one checked bag, because your return luggage will include fish boxes to transport your catch. Our General Store carries sweatshirts, T-shirts, hats, and gloves.


Will my family enjoy Alaska sport fishing?

  • Many of our guests have made family vacations at Waterfall Resort an annual summer tradition, sharing good times on the water across multiple generations. If your family enjoys the outdoors, boating, and wildlife watching, a sport-fishing adventure at Waterfall Resort could be the trip of a lifetime. Our U.S. Coast Guard licensed guides bait the hook, help bring your catch aboard, and provide step-by-step instruction on how to land the “the big one.” And we have a Kids Rate for anglers up to age 17.

What else is there to do besides fishing?

  • Ping-pong, poker, billiards, darts, a driving range, perusing scrapbooks and old time photos in the Lobby Lounge, souvenir shopping at the General Store, happy hour at the Lagoon Saloon, napping, exploring our historic cannery buildings, hiking to our namesake waterfall, breathing in the crisp air of the spruce-studded Tongass National Forest, watching whales, orcas, otters, puffins, bald eagles, black bears, black-tailed deer….

What wildlife will we see?

Can we add other stops to our trip?

  • Yes. If you want to extend your trip, there’s plenty to see in Ketchikan and Southeast Alaska.

Is there Wi-Fi? Can I use my mobile phone?

  • Yes, although with 52 acres on the wild Alaska frontier, signals can be intermittent. Cell coverage varies depending on your carrier, and can be affected by weather. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available in all guest quarters, as well as the Lobby Lounge, the Lagoon Saloon, and the Mud Room, adjacent to the Alaska Airlines office. Prepare to be off the grid while you’re on the water.