Plan Your Alaska Fishing Trip

Get Ready for Wild Alaska Sport-Fishing

Once you’ve reserved your Waterfall Resort sport-fishing trip, we’re all hands on deck to help you get here. We’re located in Southeast Alaska near Ketchikan, just 90 minutes from Seattle, and we aim to make travel easy. Check out our video for a sense of the adventure ahead. And here’s our checklist to help you plan your trip.

“What a thrill of the catch when I boated the lingcodI truly had a whopper of a tale to share back home! Can’t wait to return next year.”

—Becky Pope, Jonesboro, Arkansas

1. Secure Your Dates with a Deposit

Waterfall Resort can't guarantee dates without a deposit. Once you have your reservation number, you can make a secure online payment to lock in your dates.

2. Book Your Flights

Alaska Airlines services commercial flights to Ketchikan International Airport. To coordinate your arrival and departure times with the Waterfall Resort Alaska chartered floatplane, we recommend the following flights (times shown are per each destination):

Arrival: Alaska Airlines Flight 179 departs Seattle (SEA) at 9:40 a.m., arrives in Ketchikan (KTN) at 10:46 a.m., and connects to the Waterfall Resort Alaska charter floatplane at 12:30 p.m.

Departure: Floatplanes depart Waterfall Resort Alaska starting at 1:30 p.m. and connect to Alaska Airlines Flight 174, which departs from Ketchikan (KTN) at 3:44 p.m. and arrives in Seattle (SEA) at 6:35 p.m.

Flight times and availability are managed by Alaska Airlines and subject to change without notice. Be sure to confirm your flights before departure; see Alaska Airlines for more information about flights and baggage policies.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re changing carriers in Seattle to board Alaska Airlines Flight 179, be sure to confirm that your carrier has an interline baggage transfer agreement with Alaska Airlines. Smaller carriers like Southwest and JetBlue may not have such agreements, and may require you to claim your luggage in Seattle, then recheck it through TSA before boarding your flight to Ketchikan. This could hinder your ability to catch your flight from Seattle to Alaska.

3. Tell Us Your Itinerary

Share your itinerary with our onsite Alaska Airlines agent (including flights and confirmation numbers) to ensure that you receive the best possible service and connections. We also ask that you confirm your street address for mailing your luggage tags.

4. Apply for Your Fishing License

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game requires anglers age 16 and up sport fishing in state waters to carry an Alaska fishing license. Fishing for kings (whether to keep or release) also requires a King Salmon Stamp. Waterfall Resort processes these documents for our guests on behalf of the state. Complete your guest registration for your license and stamp, so they’re ready upon your arrival. We aim to get you on the water as soon as possible.

5. Get Trip Insurance

It’s easier to relax when you know your travel expenses are insured in the unlikely event of inclement weather or a personal emergency. Waterfall Resort Alaska recommends trip insurance for all guests. To secure your policy, complete our online application.

6. Customize Your Trip

The standard package at Waterfall Resort is no less than a legendary all-inclusive sport-fishing adventure. But why not custom-tailor your dream trip? Contact reservations at 800-544-1525 about the following options:

  • Upgrade your guest quarters to an executive-style Egg House Suite or family-size Tongass Townhouse.
  • Upgrade to private guest quarters with a single supplement.
  • Purchase tickets for the King of Kings Salmon Tournament.
  • Double your halibut limit with Bonus Halibut Tags.
  • Reserve meeting rooms and services for a corporate or group event.
  • Explore the Tongass National Forest with a charter seaplane tour over Misty Fjords National Monument or to Neets Bay to see the black bears feasting on salmon.

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