The Waterfall Group recognizes that the continuation of its business and brands depends on the natural environment, heritage, and communities of the unique locations in which we operate. Under our management, Waterfall Resort has been awarded Adventure Green Alaska certification in recognition of its commitment to sustainable business practices. Our tradition of living in accord with the land and sea goes back more than a century. We want the next 100 years to be even better.

Gino Caliendo, San Antonio, Texas

We secure our marine, air, and wilderness environments and their natural resources by...

  • Enabling guests to safely experience authentic wilderness and wildlife environments.
  • Providing U.S. Coast Guard trained guides, who engage and educate guests about local environments and species.
  • Adhering to all regional, state, national, and international regulations regarding fish and game.
  • Contributing to selected nonprofit organizations that improve the environment and help sustain area wildlife.
  • Using green construction practices where feasible and cost-effective and within the context of historical integrity.
  • Applying the use of sustainable business practices as a criterion for selecting suppliers.
  • Moving toward zero waste through reducing, reusing, and recycling.
  • Minimizing output of nonbiodegradable materials such as plastics where practical for the business.
  • Reducing energy usage costs and carbon impact by increasing efficiency.

We preserve regional history and heritage by...

  • Selecting business locations that have preserved and continue to preserve and feature regional history and traditions.
  • Maintaining and safeguarding historic sites, artifacts, and records.
  • Showcasing the handmade work of regional artists, artisans, and craftspeople in our properties and offices.
  • Educating guests about area history, heritage, and traditions.
  • Contributing to selected organizations that promote local cultural traditions.

We support local communities and economies by...

  • Operating in a fiscally responsible manner to ensure continuity of positive economic impact.
  • Participating in professional organizations and associations that promote local tourism.
  • Providing local residents with fair-wage employment opportunities.
  • Sourcing goods and services from locally owned businesses.
  • Contributing to selected philanthropies that provide services to local communities.

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For more information about Southeast Alaska, check out Audubon Alaska's downloadable Ecological Atlas of Southeast Alaska.