Curious what’s in store on a wild Alaska fishing adventure with us? Over the years, may guests have left their honest reviews about their experience at Waterfall Resort. Peruse the comments below, or check out our Top 10 Reasons to visit Waterfall Resort.


And his 45-pound king
Waterfall Resort Guest for 20 years


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Truly awesome, amazing, beautiful scenery, the weather was crazy beautiful and I had so much fun fishing for king salmon, silver salmon, ling cod and halibut! Everyone at Waterfall was wonderful and very hospitable too!”  —Diane T., 2023 Guest

Waterfall is an outstanding resort. Everything from booking to transportation, lodging services, boats, guides and hospitality was coordinated with precision and professionalism.”  —Dave A. 2023 Guest

Trip of a lifetime!! The resort was top notch, the staff genuinely seemed happy about doing their jobs and being there on the island. Happy Staff makes for a great experience for the guests, and what a great experience it was! ”  —Harold B., 2023 Guest

First Alaskan fishing trip was incredible at Waterfall Resort. As someone without much experience our guide made the process so easy, resulting an a massive haul of fish! ”  —Merlin H. 2023 Guest

“When you look up hospitality in the dictionary, there should be a picture of Waterfall Resort. Don’t look for flaws, for they do not exist.”  TripAdvisor

“Adventurous travelers will find the largest private fishing fleet in Alaska at Waterfall Resort.”  —Architectural Digest

“I came back with a good haul of salmon, halibut, and lingcod fillets as well as a boatload of memories of the blast I had fishing.”  —Travel Weekly

“A wildlife utopia with bald eagles, black bears, humpback whales, and more ... where talented guides coach anglers of all levels, and all rooms have forest or ocean views.”  —Country Living

“Orcas breach in the mist not 100 feet from our boat, where I struggle with a king salmon that runs out the line like an energetic dog, raindrops pinwheeling off the reel.”  Northwest Travel + Life

“At dinner, the host shouts out the biggest catches of the day and there’s friendly banter at the tables. It feels like a Rockwell painting, back from an era when people had the time to chat a little.”  —Uproxx

“Rugged rusticity melded with modern convenience to create a world-class fishing lodge in the heart of America’s final frontier.”  —Private Air

“Wrestling with a feisty underwater opponent at the end of an invisible hook can be hard work: the rare form of exercise that encourages both beer drinking and nature photography.”  New York Daily News

“Prince of Wales Island sits at the crossroads of southbound migrating salmon. The west side of the island can easily be described as a salmon super highway.”  Go Fish Magazine

“At this upscale fishing lodge, guests can choose from several accommodation styles, eat bountiful meals ... and fish from custom-built 25-foot cabin cruisers under the care of expert fishing guides.”  —Fodor’s Alaska

“Simpler than any Hemingway-esque metaphor between man and beast, I experienced the pure sport of fishing, and the excitement that comes with wresting a large fish from the depths.”  —The Expeditioner

“A salty lodge to stay at—accessible only by air or sea—and a good crew of local characters to share a brew with at the lodge’s Lagoon Saloon.”  —Playboy

“I looked out the window as we gained altitude above the landscape of Southeast Alaska. Miles and miles of forest, fishing boats on the water, and the occasional silhouettes of humpback whales drifted by below.”  —

“Evenings involve communal repasts ... followed by billiards, poker, and hearty recounting of the day's best catch in the Lagoon Saloon.”

“Truly a five-star resort set in a timeless wilderness.”  Destination Fish Magazine

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