2023 King of King Salmon Tournament Winners at Waterfall Resort


2023 King of King Salmon Tournament Winners at Waterfall Resort

By Scott McKelvey, Posted 11/15/2023

The King of King Salmon Tournament, held annually, is a highlight for those who crave the thrill of the chase and the satisfaction of a hefty catch. In the recent tournament, participants competed not only for the prestige of being crowned the King of Kings but also for a variety of enticing prizes.

Waterfall Grand Prize Drawing: Ford F150

The crescendo of excitement reached its peak during the Waterfall Grand Prize Drawing. The lucky winner, Ryan Anderson from Snoqualmie, WA, was King of the Day on August 11th with his 39.1-pound King. 

King of Kings Award: $10,000 Cash Prize

The coveted title of King of Kings was bestowed upon first-time guest Dave Faccio, who not only claimed the prestigious honor but also received a substantial $10,000 cash prize. His impressive 53.6-pound King kept him on top of the leaderboard for nearly half of the season!

Monthly Winners - Silver Salmon: June, July, August

Three skilled anglers stood out in the Silver Salmon category, each earning a remarkable cash prize of $2,500. Eddie Phillips, Alex Boggs, and AJ Howard demonstrated their finesse in reeling in the largest Silver Salmon during the months of June, July, and August, respectively.

Monthly Winners - Salmon: June, July, August

The competition was fierce as large Kings were caught all season. The top performers in each month received Cabela's Gift Certificates:

  • First Place: Dan Fink (June), Dave Faccio (July), Ryan Anderson (August) - $500.00 Cabela's Gift Certificate
  • Second Place: Lance Ballew (June), Rod Riddle (July), Thomas Fortune (August) - $400.00 Cabela's Gift Certificate
  • Third Place: Robert Sencer (June), Art Fink (July), Greg Lippman (August) - $300.00 Cabela's Gift Certificate
  • Fourth Place: John Murphy (June), Mike Bolen (July), Jeff Chung (August) - $200.00 Cabela's Gift Certificate
  • Fifth Place: Bob Murphy (June), Jeff Fuller (July), Dave Karp (August) - $100.00 Cabela's Gift Certificate

Weekly Winners: 2024 Waterfall Resort Packages

The excitement extended beyond the monthly honors, with weekly winners earning exclusive 3-night/4-day Waterfall Resort packages. The lucky anglers for each week were:

  • Week 1 (6/12-17): Bob Smith
  • Week 2 (6/18-24): Lance Ballew
  • Week 3 (6/25-7/1): Dan Fink
  • Week 4 (7/2-8): Trevion Holmes
  • Week 5 (7/9-15): Dave Faccio
  • Week 6 (7/16-22): Rod Riddle
  • Week 7 (7/23-29): Mike Bolen
  • Week 8 (7/30-8/5): Greg Lippman
  • Week 9 (8/6-12): Ryan Anderson
  • Week 10 (8/13-19): Kyle Hamrick
  • Week 11 (8/20-29): Jeff Chung

The King of King Salmon Tournament at Waterfall Resort not only showcases the untamed beauty of Alaskan waters but also celebrates the skill and determination of anglers who dare to conquer the kings of the sea. As the sun sets over the rugged landscape, the memories of battles with the mighty salmon linger, creating a tapestry of tales that will be told for years to come.