New Amenities for the Season


New Amenities for the Season

By Steve Cockrell, Posted 5/21/2019

Before we tell you about the reels for 2019, we have what we hope you'll find even more welcome news: Waterfall now has enhanced Wi-Fi that covers the guest quarters. That's right, that means complimentary Wi-Fi access for all accommodations, from the Lodge Rooms and Boardwalk Cabins to the Egg House Suites and Tongass Townhouses. We can't say Wi-Fi will improve your angling luck on the water, but we do know plenty of you have asked for it, so we delivered.

Bear in mind, of course, that we're still in the Alaska wilderness, a setting of fast-changing weather conditions, so we may experience network outages on occasion. Speaking of weather, we've also installed four new monitors on the property for posting those conditions, so guests have ready access to the latest reports. The monitors are stationed in the General Store lobby, the Dining Room, the Lagoon Saloon, and the Mud Room.

As for the new reels, Shimano has come out with an updated version of the Tekota-A 500LC. The new Tekotas (pictured above on our Berkley rods) have an ergonomic body design and a handy anti-fogging lens. We loaded 25-pound test Maxima Ultragreen on the reels, and they'll hold approximately 210–220 yards.

Last but not least, we've completed the Dining Room remodel, adding a new kitchen, buffet line and salad bar, carpet, paint, furnishings, window treatments, and light fixtures. We hope you'll find Waterfall ever more comfortable and inviting across the board, and look forward to your feedback.