Hi-Yo Silvers for 2018


Hi-Yo Silvers for 2018

By Scott McKelvey, Posted 9/18/2018

Sometimes change is a good thing; sometimes it isn’t. In the case of coho, aka silver salmon or Oncorhynchus kisutch, it’s the latter: ADFG season bag limits are holding steady from last year, with nonresident anglers allotted a solid six fish per day and no annual limits.

In Southeast Alaska, those are fish that average 8 to 12 pounds and 24 to 30 inches long—and yield 45 percent of their weight in trimmed fillets. In other words, figure a four-day trip to Waterfall Resort could yield 100 pounds or more in coho fillets for your freezer. Further, the resort record for a silver is 22.75 pounds.

Of course, the real reason to pursue silvers is the sport fishing itself. Known as the “acrobats” of the salmon family, these spectacular critters can leap up to six vertical feet in the air and provide a thrilling experience on light tackle. The prime time for silvers? The month of August.

Go for silvers August 17-20 and book a foursome for the price of three; or, for a twosome, enjoy half-off your companion rate.