Staking Out the Prize


Staking Out the Prize

By Steve Cockrell, Posted 3/13/2019

The King Salmon Jackpot Challenge, a fishing contest started 15 years ago for the largest king salmon, marks the season open at Waterfall Resort. It features a possible $250,000 in cash payouts, along with a drawing for a return trip to Waterfall Resort. This year, the popular two-day event takes place June 14–17, as always running in addition to our season-long King of Kings Salmon Tournament. Among other differences between the two contests, the Jackpot Challenge has no entry fee and is open to all guests. 

Last year's drawing winner, Emily Barrett, age 17, won the return trip prize while on vacation at Waterfall with her parents. Prizes also include General Store merchandise. Moreover, entrants age 21 and over can opt for multiple cash jackpot levels of up to $900 daily. Guests catch and tag king salmon each contest day, and the ones with the largest catch in each level cash in on the jackpot.

So is it possible to win both the King Salmon Jackpot Challenge and the King of Kings Salmon Tournament? It has yet to happen, by why not? Just book your stay with us during the Jackpot Challenge, make sure to buy a King of Kings Salmon Tournament ticket, reel in the reigning King of the Day, ignore the odds, and hope that Lady Luck is on your side....