Straight Outta Alaska


Straight Outta Alaska

By Scott McKelvey, Posted 9/20/2018

Most of our returning guests know that, by the end of a stay at Waterfall Resort, all their catch has been professionally cleaned, trimmed, flash-frozen, vacuum-packed, and stashed in handy wet-lock fish boxes that will travel home with them as luggage on their return flight.

Many of you also know that if your return travel plans include an overnight stay in Seattle, you can store your fish boxes at Smart Carte ($18 per 50-pound box; 206-433-5333), located opposite Sea-Tac’s Alaska Airlines baggage claim.

However, should your return trip include, say, a couple of days in Portland—or any other destination without frozen storage—there’s another choice: You can send your fish boxes home via a carrier such as FedEx, shipping from Waterfall Resort with delivery timed to your choosing. For this option, it’s key that you let us know during check-in at the General Store so our crew can assist with arrangements.

Bear in mind, of course, that in the case of shipping-carrier delays, your catch could perish. Which is why we generally recommend that, if at all possible, your fish boxes travel with you on your departure day.