It's Time to Vote!


It's Time to Vote!

By Waterfall Resort, Posted 12/20/2023

We've witnessed an outstanding turnout this year for guest photos in our annual contest, making the task of selecting winners even more exciting. We're reaching out to you for assistance in choosing the champions across these captivating categories:

  • Best Fishing Photo - must contain fish or act of fishing
  • Best Wildlife & Nature Photo - May contain scenery and views from boat or on resort property, plants, animals, birds, waterfall walks 
  • Best Resort Photo - May contain boats (in action or at rest), resort property, accommodations, activities other than fishing
  • Best Boats Photo – Whether while out fishing or resting at the docks, capture the excitement, fun and beauty of our boats in action or at rest.

The photo entries are available for voting on both Facebook and Instagram. We encourage you to share the joy and visual inspiration with your friends, urging them to participate in the voting process. Here's a breakdown of how voting works:

  • 1 point for Likes
  • 2 points for Comments
  • 3 points for Shares

To access all the photos, head over to our Facebook 2023 Guest Photo Album. Keep an eye on our Instagram as well, where the images will be featured. Voting will conclude on January 31, 2024. The winners will be announced in our February newsletter, with a chance for early glimpses on your preferred social media platforms.

Each winner from the three categories will be presented with a $150 gift certificate for our General Store, along with acknowledgment in our newsletter and across our social media channels.

Embark on a delightful journey of viewing and voting. Let the fun begin!

Let’s Go Fishing!