Your 2023 Alaska Fishing Trip


Your 2023 Alaska Fishing Trip

By Waterfall Resort, Posted 7/27/2022

If you’ve been waiting for that perfect moment to book an Alaskan fishing trip, then NOW is the time.  Each year our season fills up quickly, so make sure you reach out to let us know your preferred dates. Plus, we’ve expanded our season with special pricing for early June, late August and even into September for 2023!

Why book early?  Because we can talk with you about the details of an Alaskan fishing trip or perhaps accommodate special occasions or even special surprises like father/son trips, anniversaries, retirements, graduations, birthdays, or just when you’ll have time off work.  

Here are a few things to consider when choosing an Alaskan fishing lodge and deciding which is best for you.

Is the fishing ocean or inland? 

Fishing in Alaska provides a number of fishing experiences – everything from fly-fishing rivers to deep ocean fishing.  At Waterfall Resort, we provide ocean fishing in some of the most fertile waters in the world.  Our 52-acre property is surrounded by the Tongass National Forest on our 2,770-square-mile island’s craggy west coast. Here, nutrient-rich spring runoff and a confluence of ocean currents attract millions of bait fish, which in turn feed vast populations of halibut, lingcod, and rockfish—as well as the extraordinary annual returns of king and silver salmon

The advantage of ocean fishing in addition to the variety of fish is the variety of fishing experiences – deep ocean a couple of miles out to bay and close to shore fishing and everything in between.

What is required in terms of gear?

At Waterfall Resort, we provide all the gear.  You need not weather the expense or worry of flying with any gear of your own.  You step onto a comfortable, 26-foot North River Sounders boat ready with all the bait, tackle, and all-weather gear you may need while fishing with us, including:

  • Berkley and G. Loomis rods
  • Shimano Tekota-A 500LC reels
  • Maxima fishing line, Eagle Claw hooks
  • Helly Hansen bib overalls and hooded jackets
  • XtraTuf waterproof neoprene boots


Who are the fishing guides?

Collectively our crew of U.S. Coast Guard licensed guides share well over 200 years of guiding wild Alaska fishing trips. And they work together, with more eyes on the water to put you on the bite. Upon arrival, you’re assigned a boat and guide for the duration of your stay. We fish four to a boat and all our guides are trained in working with guests of any skill level.

What are the boats like? 

Our custom North River Sounder boats are built for safety, performance, comfort, and convenience. All feature heated cabins, air-suspension seats, private heads, powerful fuel-injected Mercury outboards, and a full complement of Furuno marine electronics, not to mention the microwave ovens for a warm lunch while fishing made to your liking by our Waterfall Resort chef.

What else can be expected?

Not surprisingly, such a thriving ocean habitat supports jaw-dropping wildlife. At Waterfall Resort, not only do we share our coast with vast populations of fish, humpback whales, orcas, otters, crabs, starfish, murrelets, and puffins, but we also share our densely wooded acres with black bears, bald eagles, bats, minks, Sitka black-tailed deer, and more.

While fishing, guests often see humpback whales breaching quite close to the boat although Alaska Fish and Wildlife forbids boats moving closer than 100 yards.  Orca pods have also been known to appear close to our boats.  

Bald eagles work in congresses of huge numbers to spot bait-balls and will fish alongside the boat.  Otters loll in the wake of you passing boat.  Puffins may be seen, too.  Simply inform your guide as to what you’d like to see and your priorities as to what you’d like to land – halibut, salmon, lingcod or rockfish.  The total experience is rich in wildlife and delicious fish to take home.

What are accommodations and food like?

After an exciting day of wild Alaska sport fishing, relaxing in comfort and enjoying good food is all a part of the experience.  Waterfall Resort’s inviting accommodations include oceanfront Lodge Rooms, historic Boardwalk Cabins, executive-style Egg House Suites, and family-size Tongass Townhouses.  And every room and suite is within walking distance (or a courtesy golf-cart ride) of the docks, Dining Room and Lagoon Saloon.

After a day or afternoon on the water, the Lagoon Saloon is the lively gathering place for guests and crew alike, and the Dining Room offers views of the docks and Ulloa Channel. Guests often give our chef high marks for meals including hot breakfasts and nightly buffet feasts that showcase fresh Alaska seafood (salmon, halibut, spot shrimp, Dungeness crab) and select Pacific Coast wines.

What is there to do onshore after fishing?

In addition to the Lagoon Saloon at Waterfall Resort, for golf enthusiasts, there’s the challenge of driving a 165-yard golf shot over the saltwater lagoon to a small green where our local black bears and deer often enjoy grazing.  For our nature and photography enthusiasts, a mile-long walk to our waterfall features more bears, deer, the beauty of the Tongass forest and spectacular sunsets.  Remember there’s a midnight sun during Waterfall Resort’s summer fishing season so you’ll have plenty of time to work off that delicious dinner before settling in to rest for tomorrow’s fishing.

What does the total cost include?

Our packages are all-inclusive: 

  • Comfortable accommodations,
  • 3 delicious meals a day,
  • 4 guests to a boat with an expert guide,
  • Professional fishing gear
  • All-weather coat, overalls and boots,
  • Comfortable, custom-built boats
  • We clean, cut, fast-freeze and box your fish plus transport it to Alaska Airlines for you to check it with your luggage and board the plane home.

The beauty, the bald eagles, humpback whales, Orca, incredible wildlife and wilderness, the light, sunsets and sunrises, the colors and even the sea spray and smell… it’s all part of the indelible memories that Alaska creates for each and every guest. 

Contact us to arrange the perfect Alaskan fishing trip for you.

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