Dining Room Update


Dining Room Update

By Meagan Kilgore, Posted 3/14/2018

We’re pleased to share that we have some exciting changes to our menus in the works for the coming season, and we’ve also started a two-year remodel of the Dining Room.

As far as the menus, you spoke and we listened. We’re bringing back several tried-and-true old favorites, including Halibut Oscar and Salmon Piccata. At the same time, we’ll be offering a few new twists on the classics (Chipotle Hollandaise anyone?). And we’re adding yet more local seafood selections to highlight fresh Alaska fare.

Add to the above that we’ve already started phase one of our renovation, with new flatware, china, serveware, and plate warmers for 2018, as well as the addition of expansive new guest restrooms. And in the works for 2019: a new kitchen, buffet line and salad bar, carpets, paint, furnishings, window treatments, and light fixtures.

The goal of the remodel? To breathe fresh air into the Waterfall dining experience and align the décor to complement the dazzling views out the windows. Diane Boller of Oregon-based Destination Designworks is overseeing the interiors with the aim to update the space and enhance the comfort factor, while maintaining the industrial feel of the historic buildings and our storied cannery legacy.