King of Kings Salmon Tournament

Your Shot at a Contest Title and Cool Prizes

Ever dreamed of landing a tournament-winning Alaska king salmon and a contest title? Make it happen at Waterfall Resort Alaska, where our popular King of Kings Salmon Tournament is a highlight of the fishing season. Go for “King of the Day” or “King of Kings.” Prizes are awarded for the king catch of the day, the week, the month, and the season, and include tournament caps, Cabela’s gear, return fishing trips, Princess Cruises sailings for two, and a new Ford F-150 truck.

“The truth is, I’m a bit of a hack of a fisherman. I only landed my ‘truck winning’ fish due to the skill and diligence of my guide!”

—Greg Morrison, Stafford, Virginia, King of Kings winner

This annual contest is available only to Waterfall Resort guests, and we’re happy to include your tournament ticket when you make your reservations. To participate in the upcoming King of Kings Salmon Tournament, contact reservations at 800-544-5125.

Example Tournament Prizes

King of the Day
Land the largest king salmon of the day and win a King of the Day hat to mark the occasion, awarded at dinner that evening.

Every time you win this prize, you also earn an entry for the Grand Prize drawing at the end of the season (see below).

King of the Week
The largest king salmon caught each week wins the angler a return three-night fishing trip to Waterfall Resort

King of the Month
The anglers who reel in the top five largest king salmon of each month for June, July, and August win gift certificates from Cabela’s.

Silver of the Month
Catch the largest silver salmon for the month of June, July, or August and win a Caribbean cruise for two on Princess Cruises.

King of Kings
The largest king salmon of the season lands the angler a cruise to Europe for two on Princess Cruises.

Grand Prize
All King of the Day winners qualify for the end-of-season Grand Prize drawing for a new Ford F-150 truck.

Prize list provided as an example only. Prizes subject to change.


This Year's King of the Day Winners


Place Date Name Pounds Hometown  
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Prior Years' King of the Day Winners


Place Date Name Pounds Hometown  
1st 7/30 Jennifer Porter
50.6 San Francisco, CA  
2nd 7/22 Fritz Westerhout 50.0 Newport Beach, CA  
3rd 7/24 Mark Wheeler 49.2 Encinitas, CA  
4th 6/12 Peter Forman 49.0 Boca Raton, FL  
5th 7/18 Julie Rielly 48.7 Newport Coast, CA  
6th 8/13 Elizabeth Dinsmore
47.8 Danville, CA  
7th 7/27 Blake Hickey
47.5 Paradise Valley, AZ  
8th 7/12 John Lazovich
47.3 Reno, NV  
9th 8/2 Daniel Robbins
46.5 Paradise, CA  
10th 7/27 Jason Niemela
46.2 Santa Barbara, CA  
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Place Date Name Pounds Hometown  
1st 6/26 Ken Bridges 53.7 Huntington Beach, CA  
2nd 7/26 Marty Meador 52.6 Encinitas, CA  
3rd 7/19 Brian Martin 50.9 Keizer, OR  
4th 7/10 Greg Shaw 50.3 Thousand Oaks, CA  
5th 7/27 Shawn Koehler 50.2 Paso Robles, CA  
6th 8/05 Dick Arnoldy 49.7 St. Louis, MO  
7th 7/28 Michael Martin 48.9 Alamogordo, NM  
8th 7/13 Hunter Schlander 48.3 Modesto, CA  
9th 6/25 Travis Roffler 48.2 Matthew, NC  
10th 7/22 Michael Moran 47.5 Mead, WA  
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Place Date Name Pounds Hometown  
1st 7/20 Gretchen Porter
65.5 Newport Beach, CA  
2nd 7/11 Tab Johnson
56.8 Santa Ana, CA  
3rd 6/20 Mike Bolen
53.2 Newport Beach, CA  
4th   6/29 Jim Bridges         
51.9 De Soto, IL  
5th 7/14 Darryl Castro
50.0 Visalia, CA  
6th 7/01 Kevin Slaughter
47.6 Birmingham, AL  
7th 6/15 Dick Harano
46.4 Corona del Mar  
8th 7/03 Tom Wallace
45.9 Northridge, CA  
9th 6/27 Ryan York
45.8 Anchorage, AK  
10th 6/28 Mark Mickiewicz
45.6 Brentwood, TN  
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Place Date Name Pounds Hometown  
1st 7/09 Glenn Merlian 62.9 Torrance, CA  
2nd 7/12 Hank Harper 54.0 Palos Verdes, CA  
3rd 6/14 Casey Flemon 48.5 Jonesboro, AK  
4th 7/28 Mark Wheeler 45.5 Encinitas, CA  
5th 8/08 Brenda Welshans 45.2 Trout Run, PA  
6th 8/06 Kent Kumashiro 43.7 Hilo, HI  
7th 6/30 Tim Kelly 43.6 Las Vegas, NV  
8th 6/22 John Moffatt 43.3 Claremont, CA  
9th 7/13 Michael Buechting 43.2 Bonney Lake, WA  
10th 7/26 David Lemieux 42.9 Bothell, WA  
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Place Date Name Pounds Hometown  
1st 7/04 Roger Farrington 62.3 Midland, TX  
2nd 7/24 Kyle Sparks 56.6 Alpharetta, GA  
3rd 7/12 Charles Touche 55.8 Phoenix, AZ  
4th 7/19 Brian Newell 54.8 Fairfax, VA  
5th 7/22 Patrick Reardon 52.7 Anaheim, CA  
6th 7/24 Barton Duvall 50.8 Santa Barbara, CA  
7th 7/19 Max Leiter 47.9 Saratoga, CA  
8th 7/06 Greg Morrison 47.8 Stafford, VA  
9th 7/07 Paul Moore 46.7 Dallas, TX  
10th 7/30 Gary Hertica 43.9 Carlsbad, CA  


Place Date Name Pounds Hometown  
1st 8/05 Joseph Kinder 60.2 Fort Wayne, IN  
2nd 8/01 Jonathan Boggs 56.0 Sierra Madre, CA  
3rd 7/26 Scott Westercamp 51.6 Ankeny, IA  
4th 7/28 Jim Click 49.0 Tucson, AZ  
5th 6/25 Sam Tolley 47.4 Dinosaur, CO  
5th 7/21 Randy Tanner 47.4 Seattle, WA  
6th 7/21 Ryan Chandler 46.0 McKinney, TX  
7th 7/01 Michael Kelly 45.3 Las Vegas, NV  
8th 6/29 Chris Stinnett 44.9 New Hope, PA  
9th 7/14 Eb Wilkinson 44.6 Tucson, AZ  


Place Date Name Pounds Hometown  
1st 7/24 Donald Roberts
53.0 Scottsdale, AZ  
2nd 7/15 Rodney Petrenchak
52.8 Seattle, WA  
3rd 7/17 Victor Dubois
51.3 Henderson, NV  
4th 7/18 John Francis
49.7 Sherwood, OR  
5th 7/01 James Kalhorn
49.0 Colorado Springs, CO  
6th 6/21 Tom Anderson
48.5 Anaheim, CA  
7th 6/30 Ryan Warling
48.0 Simi Valley, CA  
8th 7/18 Pete Krause
47.1 Vernon Rockville, CT  
9th 7/18 Carter Chappell
46.5 San Juan Capistrano, CA  
10th 6/29 Ryan Merritt 46.2 Fullerton, CA  


Place Date Name Pounds Hometown  
1st 7/24 Brian Mayberry 60.5 Sahuarita, AZ  
2nd 7/15 Dan Rowe 55.9 Sammamish, WA  
3rd 7/17 Martin Gilmartin 54.3 Sedona, AZ  
4th 7/18 Robert Loiselle 53.9 Cave Creek, AZ  
5th 7/01 Dylan Davis 52.9 Oklahoma City, OK  
6th 6/21 Barton Kilgore 52.0 Longview, WA  
7th 6/30 Thomas Schendt 48.4 Chevy Chase, MD  
8th 7/18 Roger Grimes 47.5 Tucson, AZ  
9th 7/18 Frank Bongiovanni 46.9 El Cajon, CA  
10th 6/29 Mike Cochran 45.9 Santa Rosa, CA  

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