Seafood Processing and Fish Boxes

From Sea to Table (Yours)

One of the best parts of a Waterfall Resort Alaska fishing trip is savoring your catch when you get home. And once you’ve lured those salmon, halibut, lingcod, and rockfish to your boat, your job is done. At Waterfall Resort, guests leave the fish cleaning, trimming, and packing to our crew of on-property processing experts.

“I live on a boat and, every time I come home from Waterfall Resort, people on the dock expect a big salmon barbecue.”

—Randy Tanner, Seattle, Washington

Fish Cuts

Not sure which cut to choose? Just ask your fishing guide about options for the tastiest steaks and fillets. Not only are our guides experienced mariners, but they’re also well versed in the fish processing at Waterfall Resort and the culinary yields of Alaska’s various fish species.

Fish Prep

Our processing crew cleans and trims as much fish as you catch, then flash-freezes and vacuum-packs it for shipment in a wet-lock box. Please note the approximate percentage yields of trimmed fish (relative to caught fish weight) after processing:

  • Salmon, 45 percent
  • Halibut, 45 percent
  • Lingcod, 20 percent
  • Rockfish, 17 percent

Fish Boxes and Shipping

At Waterfall Resort Alaska, fish boxes accompany guests as luggage and travel under Alaska Airlines weight restrictions. On departure day, our on-site Alaska Airlines agent tags your fish boxes at check-in, right along with your bags.

If you have plans to continue your travels before returning home, our crew can recommend nearby freezer storage facilities or arrange for future delivery.

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