Working at Waterfall Resort

Employment Information

The Waterfall Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Before filling out an Employment Application at Waterfall Resort Alaska, PLEASE READ THIS INFORMATION CAREFULLY. Our standards are high, and we expect employees to live up to these standards.

We give full consideration to every application received. Where practical, we hold personal interviews.


Built on the site of a record-setting Southeast Alaska seafood cannery, Waterfall Resort Alaska was purchased in 1980 by an investment group that restored and transformed the original cannery buildings and crew quarters into the most unique—and most popular—fishing lodge Alaska.

Location and Fleet

The resort is located near Southeast Alaska’s famed Inside Passage, amid the Tongass National Forest on Prince of Wales Island. Offshore waters are prime fishing grounds, where hefty king and silver salmon gather en masse on their journey from the Pacific Ocean to their spawning grounds—the rivers and streams of Alaska, Oregon, and Washington. Halibut, lingcod, and 20 other fish species are also abundant. Guests fish from the largest private fleet in Alaska, 27 25-foot custom-built North River cabin cruisers.

The Guest Experience

Most resort guests stay three or four nights; some stay longer. Waterfall Resort offers guests a number of ways to enjoy their stay. In addition to the ultimate in wild Alaska sport fishing, we offer nature tours from aboard our comfortable vessels that explore innumerable bays and inlets.

The area around Waterfall Resort is one of the few coastal areas in the world that has a large marine mammal population, which includes humpback whales, orcas, sea otters, and sea lions. Beaches abound with extensive seabird colonies, fascinating geological formations, former and present day native Alaskan villages, totem poles, and every ecological system found in Southeast Alaska.

On a nature walk, the visitor may observe our namesake waterfall. Each year, thousands of pink salmon swim up Waterfall Creek and collect at the base of the waterfall in their trek upstream to spawn. Our resident black bear population is especially thrilled by their arrival.

The Fishing Season

Our fishing season extends from early June to late August; the number of guest reservations affects staffing arrival and departure dates. Our typical guest will arrive in Ketchikan via Alaska Airlines, transfer to a local sea-plane company just before noon, then take off for a scenic 40-minute sea-plane flight to the resort. Employees are also flown in from Ketchikan via sea plane, with one flight to the resort and one flight back to Ketchikan paid for by the Company.


Employees must pay their own way, round-trip to Ketchikan. For those not living nearby, this can be a major expense. You will be flown from Ketchikan to Waterfall Resort by sea plane at our expense. There are no roads connecting the resort; you must either fly in or use the Alaska Marine Highway (ferry) from Bellingham, Washington, or Prince Rupert, Canada, to Ketchikan. We recommend you make these reservations well in advance of your travel dates. There is no way to bring employee vehicles to Waterfall Resort. Applicants should carefully evaluate their finances over the season to be certain their financial goals will be met.

  • Most employees are paid by the hour, and time and one-half is paid for over eight hours per day, 40 hours per week. The normal work week usually ranges from 40 to 54 hours, however we do not guarantee this. There may be times when you will be asked to work more or less than the normal work week, and you will be paid accordingly.
  • If we offer you a job, you must sign an agreement to the terms of employment. Because of our location, employee replacement is expensive. Written notification at least 60 days in advance of your arrival date is required to enable appropriate scheduling of your transportation to the resort.
  • Waterfall Resort is a self-contained community, and employees receive food and lodging as part of their compensation. As such, there is no necessity to spend much money while at the resort. Many employees are able to save most of their net pay. If money burns a hole in your pocket, you will only be able to dispose of it on such things as souvenirs, refreshments, and personal care items available in the resort’s General Store.
  • It is suggested that each employee have a banking account (checking) before coming to the resort, as there is limited access to cash payroll checks. It is not a good idea to have large amounts of cash on hand. You can request up to $400 in cash from each monthly paycheck for miscellaneous purchases at the resort. Make sure you have a good supply of deposit slips and envelopes to mail your checks for deposit. The resort is set up for direct deposit for your personal accounts after filling out the necessary paperwork.

Employee Meals, Housing, and Facilities

Meals and lodging are provided while you are employed at Waterfall Resort. Meals are served cafeteria style. Food supplies must be flown in and there are sometimes shortages of certain items, but meals are good and plentiful.

  • Employees are not permitted to eat in the guest dining room or to have the cooks prepare special individual items; however, the cook in the crew kitchen will welcome any suggestions you may have.
  • All employee meals are served in the staff dining room, cafeteria style. This room is also used for reading, lounging, card games, etc. Nonemployees may not eat in the employee dining room except with special permission of the manager, in which case a meal charge is made.
  • You will be housed with other staff in rooms furnished modestly and comfortably. Space is limited and there is little privacy. Because of limited power supply, we suggest you bring only essentially required electrical appliances. Each person is responsible for cleaning their own quarters. Management will periodically make inspections of living quarters. Because of the close housing conditions, it is imperative for everyone’s benefit that employees keep their rooms cleaned and picked-up.
  • Linens, blankets, pillows, and towels are supplied by Waterfall Resort. Employees are responsible for their personal laundry. Crew laundry equipment is available to employees between the hours of 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.
  • Employee’s personal property, stored or housed on our premises, is not covered by any type of fire or theft insurance. If you wish such coverage, you should check with your own insurance carrier.
  • Nonemployees are not permitted in employee accommodations. Accommodations for married couples are limited. No children are accommodated.


Suggested clothing includes jeans, slacks, a warm jacket, long-sleeve shirts, sweaters, sturdy shoes, hiking boots, and tennis shoes.

  • During the fishing season, temperatures are usually 60 to 65 degrees F, and rarely exceed 70 degrees. Occasionally, it can get down in the 50s. Southeast Alaska weather can vary from sunny to rainy—sometimes in the same day.
  • Do not bring clothing that may be deemed offensive or controversial. Also, clothing with rips and tears is not acceptable.
  • Rain gear and rubber boots are highly suggested, and required for guides, and must be provided by the employee. It would be wise to bring a full summer’s supply of toilet articles such as toothpaste, shampoo, etc. We can supply you with these items in case you run out, but they cost a little more to fly in.

Recreation and Entertainment

Employees are responsible for their own recreation during time off at Waterfall Resort Alaska. The area has limited TV reception. There is a television and VCR/DVD player available for employee use; however, program availability is limited.

  • If you care to bring your own tapes or DVDs to share, please feel free to do so. We have a library of paperbacks to read and, if you enjoy reading, we ask that you bring some of your favorites to exchange.
  • If you have a talent or recreation that you would like to share with either guests or your co-workers, please let us know about it so we might call upon you.
  • There are hiking trails and many miles of beach reflecting regional history, sights, and sounds ideal for photography enthusiasts. The changing tides display abundant marine life.
  • When not in use by guests or resort business, there is limited access to boat use for personal fishing or nature tours. This activity must be by appropriate arrangement with management.

Miscellaneous Policies

All employees are subject to the regulations of Waterfall Resort. Only by fully cooperating with each other are we able to run a successful operation.

  • The use or possession of illegal drugs will result in immediate dismissal.
  • Firearms are not permitted on property.
  • Employees leaving the general vicinity of the resort must leave word of their destination and time of estimated return because of the very real possibility of getting lost or stranded by the tide; and also, in case of the need to be called back to meet an emergency situation.
  • Unauthorized use, sale, or giving away of property or services not your own is considered theft and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Damage to resort property resulting from negligence, unauthorized use, or deliberate misuse will be charged to the employee and can lead to dismissal.
  • Personal long-distance calls made from the resort must be charged to the employee’s credit card or another phone number. There will be no other long distance calls allowed.
  • Limited cell service and limited Wi-Fi are available in select locations for employee use around the resort.


Mail can be temporarily forwarded to: Waterfall Resort, Box KWF, Waterfall, AK 99950 for the time employees are at the resort.

  • When you have your mail forwarded, please note that it is TEMPORARY—give your post office and creditors the dates you will be at the resort. You cannot change your address from the resort to your address after your departure; postal regulations only forward to owner of box or address.
  • Fill out the postal service forwarding request as TEMPORARY giving the dates as follows—START: your arrival date to Waterfall Resort; END: your departure date from Waterfall Resort.


The ability and desire to do a full day’s work is essential. If you are not a self-starter, or have to constantly be told what to do, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY. We would both end up unhappy. At least one year of college is desirable but not required.

  • Access to regular healthcare is extremely limited because of the resort’s wilderness location. The nearest doctors, hospital, and pharmacy are 40 minutes away by sea plane in Ketchikan, and accessible only in daylight and in suitable weather for flying. Emergency treatment in case of an accident is provided, and you are covered by worker’s compensation for work-related accidents. We recommend that, prior to arriving on property, you have a thorough physical examination to assure yourself there is no undue health risk in being isolated from prompt medical care.
  • There is a great amount of responsibility in our constant care for guests. We expect employees to be self-sufficient in this isolated area, and tolerant of close contact with other people. It is essential that you have a cheerful disposition, a passion for hospitality and guest service, and an ability to work effectively under pressure. During our entire season, the resort operates at full capacity, which requires everyone work at top capacity.
  • We require all employees to present a clean and neat appearance. We periodically bring someone on property to provide hair-care services. This person will charge employees their going rate for any requested service; the company will absorb the cost of transporting this person to and from the resort.
  • Guests expect and deserve our employees to present a warm, friendly, professional image. Whether on or off duty, all employees are expected to act cordially to guests at all times and under all circumstances. You are allowed adequate time off duty, but from the minute you step off the sea plane at the resort until the minute you step back on for your return flight home, you’re part of the Waterfall Resort Alaska crew.

Thank you for your interest in Waterfall Resort Alaska. Please review the above information carefully before submitting your application for any of our current Job Openings.