Call for Entries


Call for Entries

Once again it’s time for our annual Waterfall Resort Photo Contest—your chance at acclaim and gift certificates for merchandise at our General Store. And this year, you can submit your entries online via our website. Keep in mind the three contest categories: “Best Fishing,” “Best Resort,” and “Best Nature or Wildlife.”

Enter as many shots as you like in one or all three categories. The deadline for entries is October 31, 2017. We’ll post all your submissions on our Facebook page in November, at which time it’s up to you and all our Waterfall Resort fans to “like” favorites—the most “likes” determines the contest winners.

Among the eye-catching entries so far? Shots of our historic cannery buildings, a Southeast Alaska toad, an angler on a moose, some mesmerizing sunsets, and this shot above, from Jonno Wells, of a humpback whale photobombing two happy fishermen. Keep ’em coming!


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