Update On Our Dining Room


Update On Our Dining Room

By Steve Cockrell, Posted 6/27/2017

We’re pleased to share that Meagan Kilgore, the Oregon-based talent behind Waterfall Resort’s popular menus, has taken on the post of director of hospitality. And Joe Walker, who joined her kitchen crew last summer, assumes the role of executive chef.

In her new position, Chef Meagan oversees the kitchen, Dining Room, and all menus for all of our guests as well as our crew. “And I’ll be able to spend needed time putting the final touches on guest service in its entirety,” she says of what will be her fourth season with us.

Meagan has developed a keen sense of our guest favorites over the years. “The most popular dishes tend to be vintage-style with a modern twist,” she notes, “like halibut piccata or icebox cake.” She has also become accustomed to the hurdles of running a culinary operation in Alaska.

“Purchasing can be challenging,” she says. “Our produce and dairy orders come in by boat and everything is weather dependent. I’ve learned to be ready to improvise, to make the most of what’s in front of me. Also, shooing bears out of the kitchen has been pretty entertaining!” 

Meagan studied at Maui Culinary Academy in Hawaii, then returned to Oregon to work at Tualatin Country Club, whose head chefs became her mentors. Past posts have also included the Nike and Intel campus kitchens. Her inspirations? Julia Child, Jacques Pépin, and Ina Garten.

As for Joe Walker, his mentors include the Food Network’s Beau MacMillan, for whom he worked at Sanctuary at Camelback Mountain’s Elements restaurant in his home state of Arizona. Joe trained at Le Cordon Bleu of Culinary Arts in Scottsdale. At Waterfall Resort, his specialties include fresh takes on salmon sashimi and halibut ceviche. Outside of the fishing season, he enjoys running marathons.