Going for a Shot at the King of Kings Crown


Going for a Shot at the King of Kings Crown

By Steve Cockrell, Posted 8/4/2017

We’re almost to the finish line on the 2017 King of Kings Salmon Tournament and, as of this posting, repeat guest Bob Dahlstrom of Sherman Oaks, California, holds the lead with his 53.5-pound catch of July 20. Dave Wood of Waterford, California, is in second, with a 46.6-pound king, caught July 14. And Jason McLaren of Aurora, Colorado, has third with a 46.4-pounder, landed July 28.

“This was my eighth trip to Waterfall, and the first time I've won King of the Day,” says Dahlstrom. “I love the fact that you never know when the kings are going to strike. One moment you’re taking in all the natural beauty of Southeast Alaska, and the next moment your heart is pumping with excitement—anticipating how big the fish is—and then you’re concentrating on landing it!”

With some two weeks left in the season, though, Dahlstrom could be unseated at any moment and it’s anyone’s guess who might reel in a bigger fish to win this year’s King of Kings title and the Europe cruise for two. Also up for grabs is the tournament Grand Prize. Every King of the Day winner is entered in the drawing for that prize, the new Ford F-150 truck. Last year, the honors went to Daniel Robbins, of Paradise, California—on his very first trip to Alaska.

You can check out all the 2017 King of the Day winners, as well as those of years prior, on our Facebook page.