Decades Of Experience in Alaska At Your Service

The Waterfall Group that manages Waterfall Resort Alaska formed in 1980, when our investment partners purchased and repositioned the historic property as a high-end, all-inclusive fishing lodge. Ken Dole assumed the role of president and managing partner in 1985. Waterfall Resort has gone on to host more than 60,000 guests, earning acclaim as the most popular fishing lodge in Alaska.

“Waterfall Resort is the Nordstrom of fishing lodges. Maybe it’s the outdoors, the eagles…. No, it’s the staff! I’ve had five-star service, food, and fishing every trip. That’s what keeps me coming back.”

Jim Earnest, Mission Viejo, California

We attribute that success (as well as the commitment of our dedicated crew, many of whom have been with us for a decade or two) to a single shared value: to provide the best sport-fishing adventure in Alaska. Perhaps that’s why so many of our guests return to Waterfall Resort year after year.

Waterfall Group Leadership Team

  • Ken Dole, President and Managing Partner
  • Steve Cockrell, General Manager
  • Scott McKelvey, Operations Manager
  • Colleen Cockrell, General Store Manager
  • Mitch Carroll, Head Guide
  • Meagan Kilgore, Director, Hospitality
  • Joe Walker, Executive Chef
  • Ron Koch, Bartender
  • Geoff Stevens, Director, Marketing
  • Mike Dooley, Director, Sales and Reservations
  • Chuck Baird, Director, Corporate Group Development
  • Nola McCamy, Reservations Manager
  • Carol Stoop, Program Manager

Leaders in adventure hospitality, the Waterfall Group markets, operates, and supports multiple lines of business nationally, from Alaska sport-fishing lodges to seaplane tours in the Florida Keys.

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