The Waterfall Resort Crew

Decades of Experience
at Your Service

The Waterfall Group leadership team that manages Waterfall Resort formed in 1980, when they converted the historic Waterfall Cannery into a high end, all inclusive Alaska fishing lodge. Ken Dole came to Waterfall Resort in 1980 and assumed the role as President and Managing Partner in 1984 along with two other General Partners, Ken Abe and Marj Boyd, from Hawaii. Since then Waterfall Resort has gone on to host over 50,000 guests, making it the most popular fishing lodge in Alaska. And we’ve put that experience to good use.
For more than 30 years now, Waterfall Resort has assembled a strong, professional, experienced crew committed to running the day-to-day operations and providing you with the best in service and warm Alaskan hospitality. The long-standing tenure of dedicated, expert staff is due to the pride we take in providing the best sport fishing experience in SE Alaska – from the knowledgeable guiding to maintaining the historic property to professionally processing all the fish you take home. Our guests let us know it’s our team that makes the difference, and we’re pleased to have earned a 99% customer satisfaction rating. Perhaps that is why so many of our guests return to Waterfall Resort year after year.

The Waterfall Group – Leadership Team

Ken Dole, President and Managing Partner – 32 years

Steve Cockrell, General Manager / 7 years

Mike Dooley, Director of Sales / 23 years

Geoff Stevens, Director of Marketing / 3 years

Waterfall Resort – Operations

Scott McKelvey, Operations Manager / 20 years

Meagan Kilgore, Executive Chef / 2 years

Ron Koch, Bartender / 22 years

John Takata, Lead Guide / 18 years

Colleen Cockrell, Hospitality Manager / 7 years

Glenn “Babe” Wilks, Maintenance Supervisor / 7 years

Brigitte Malessa, Airlines Supervisor/ 1 year

Katie Skogen, Housekeeping Supervisor / 1 year

Whit Micek, Dockhand & Fishcutting Supervisor / 8 years

Marketing, Reservations and Group Sales

Chuck Baird, Corporate Group Development / 24 years

Nola McCamy, Reservations Manager/ 6 years

Carol Stoop, Program Manager / 3 years

Trish Reynales, Marketing & Content Strategist / 1 year

Administration Office

Pat Leary, Controller – 27 years

Melvin Newbill, Accounting – 28 years

Martha McAlpin, Accounts Payable – 23 years

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In the early 1900's, Waterfall was the largest salmon packing plant on the west coast of Prince of Wales Island. Like most canneries in Alaska, this remote operation on the Ulloa Channel was a complete, self- sufficient, temporary community. When the season was over, all but a few workers departed until the next summer's migration.

"For the last 28 years, Waterfall Resort has been our incentive/business destination of choice."
-Rich de Frank, Ford Motor Co.
"Waterfall Resort is one of those special places that words could never adequately describe."
-Bob Morris, American Express