Kings of Southeast Alaska

Experience the Thrill of
Alaska’s Largest Wild Salmon

There’s a slight tap on your line, your guide motions to you. Quickly now, you grind down to pick up excess line and then… another tug! A third tug reveals a King Salmon shaking its head. Your guide yells out to “Keep the line tight!” Holding your rod tip high, you reel with excitement, the line screams off your reel as your hooks are set and the mighty fish runs, dives, then crashes the water surface. You just hooked a wild Alaska King Salmon and your fight is on!


Waterfall Resort's Fleet Speeds Past the Historic CanneryNothing beats your own trophy size wild Alaska King SalmonThe King Salmon Jackpot Challenge at Waterfall Resort Alaska

“Whether you take up the King Salmon Jackpot Challenge or simply enjoy the hunt for your own trophy fish, early summer is the season for wild Alaska King Salmon fishing!”
-Steve Cockrell, General Manager

Near Ketchikan, AK just 90 minutes from Seattle, historic Waterfall Resort is Alaska’s most popular sport fishing lodge. The season for King Salmon (Chinook Salmon) typically starts early, peaks in June and winds down after mid summer. Waterfall Resort hosts the annual King Salmon Jackpot Challenge in June, and the $100,000 King of Kings Salmon Tournament is open to guests all summer long. Guests looking to fish in late summer may also be interested in Silver Salmon fishing.

King Salmon Season Fishing Trip Packages Include:

  • Ocean-Front rooms at Waterfall Resort, the most popular fishing lodge in Alaska
  • All meals, including house wine with dinner
  • Legendary sport fishing – June is peak season for King Salmon and Halibut
  • Fishing guides and equipment, fish processing and all other resort services
  • On site Alaska Airlines agent to easily check in you, your luggage, and all your fish

Experience the thrill of wild Alaska King Salmon fishing in June! Make your plans today by calling Mike Dooley at 800.544.5125.

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